What I Read Last Week:

http://www.911memorial.org/survivor-tree#ooid=53ZzNkZzpAlHLnzPH0vX6Xroqs59Ng1H Eating comfort foods may not be so comforting after all | NPR Why academics stink at writing | Chronicle of Higher Education Choosing a partner ‘most important decision’ for women wanting children | The Guardian Why don’t we treat teeth like the rest of our body | The Atlantic For these Mormons, getting HistoricalContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

The Library: An Illustrated History

Yes, I read a library book about libraries. Let me just say, The Library: An Illustrated History, by Stuart A.P Murray, is not as illustrated as you might think. The illustrated portion was, more or less, an afterthought from the author. I can only guess that one would need to put a spin on aContinue reading “The Library: An Illustrated History”

The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told

I already knew that conspiracy theory between Abraham Lincoln and JFK, but I didn’t know that about the custody battle that lead to George Washington’s existence. History, learn it, jokers. Thumbs: 1 out of 2