What I’ve Been Reading – 1/24/2022

Rosslyn Metro Escalator | Atlas Obscura 24 hours in a diner? This Ridgewood quartet’s tradition is so Jersey | Daily Record The Sandy Hook Pilots | The New Yorker A Glimpse at the People and Cars of L.A.’s Lowrider Scene | Los Angeles Magazine The Last Great Mystery of the Mind: Meet the People WhoContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 1/24/2022”

What I’ve Been Reading – 7/13/2020

Library’s MARCO Brings Wi-Fi Lifeline and Books to Those In Need During Shutdown | Dauphin County Library System UCSB Library to House Mitchell Kriegman’s Papers | UCSB Library Fishermen and Researchers Consider Rig Removals | Santa Barbara Independent One Way to Address LA’s Racial Inequality? Build More Parks in Communities of Color | LAist AsContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 7/13/2020”

Activities at My Library Today:

Sewer Line Replacement in the basement, which includes jack hammering and trenches; Aftermath of a broken sprinkler head, which rained down tens of thousands of gallons of water down all three floors of the library; Flipped over dumpster; Broken water cooler in the staff room. Needless to say, we are closed from the public today.Continue reading “Activities at My Library Today:”

Hello, Mr. G

“Hello, Casey.” “Hello, Mr. G—“ At least once a week, for the year that I was at that library, I would exchange only those words with this one patron. He would take up all of the tables in the genealogy and local history section with various Sanborn maps and indexes. It was understand within theContinue reading “Hello, Mr. G”

MoCCA 2013

Back in April, I volunteered at MoCCA Arts Fest – an annual festival held by the Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City. It was an interesting experience in terms of attending a graphic arts festival and volunteering. The festival was small, and showcased many homegrown, DIY graphic artistsContinue reading “MoCCA 2013”

Dear Patron

Who thinks they are really very clever for sneaking unwanted donations into the library in the book drop all week. You’re not. And I hate you.   Today’s haul: Michael Jackson: Life of A Superstar Hannibal Rising 10 Contemporary Cult Classics Casper and Other Cartoon Treasures National Velvet Everest – screener edition Summer Island Sh*tContinue reading “Dear Patron”