AmeriCorps Week

I don’t talk about my time in AmeriCorps a lot, at least explicitly related to AmeriCorps. I served at the Annie Halenbake Ross Library – a mere five blocks away from where I was going to college. So in that regard, it always felt more like a part-time job than a service contract. Friends whoContinue reading “AmeriCorps Week”

Super 8

Normally I don’t review movies, and I am not sure why. They are library material in the same way that books and graphic novels are. They circulate. They can be found in a book drop. Why not? Well, I am going to start smaller reviews of them. Actually, I probably feel compelled because of SuperContinue reading “Super 8”

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

If you are ever in the mood for an obscure, independent film, try-out The Station Agent. The film was shot in my hometown, and I work at the library they filmed at. The portion they show of the library is half of the floorspace there. Being able to pick out the details of the movieContinue reading “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic”