Lately – 9/29/2017

listening :: to the new Mastodon EP (the above is my favorite track – this is the live performance, where I think the three of trying to clap together is charming) and the Wonderful podcast with Griffin and Rachel McElroy;  reading :: Duolingo, daily; drinking :: a lot of water; making :: meatballs and travel plans;Continue reading “Lately – 9/29/2017”

Currently – 2/17

So proud of my goodgood podcast-turned-streaming media platform boys. listening :: On Being and the new era of The Splendid Table (soon) ; reading :: Mockingbird: I Can Explain and A Bee in Her Bonnet; eating :: iced coffee and a leftover bagel; making :: empty boxes be not-so empty and marinated chicken (yay, freezerContinue reading “Currently – 2/17”