What I’ve Been Reading – 4/12/2021

The Great Depression led to many of the hobbies we enjoy now. The pandemic created a whole host of new ones | CNN A Chinese ‘Auntie’ Went on a Solo Road Trip. Now, She’s a Feminist Icon. | The New York Times ‘How Do You Get Spaghetti Stains Out of Underwear?’: An Ode to YahooContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 4/12/2021”

What I’ve Been Reading – 10/31/18

Happy Halloween! The Unbelievable Story of How 3 Podcasters Trolled Their Way into Trolls 2 | Vanity Fair There is a Kind of Feminist Revolution Happening Right Now in Appalachia | The Cut ‘426’, ‘Witch’, ‘Not Creative’: How Fires Get Their Names | The New York Times I am the One Woman Who Has ItContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 10/31/18”

Currently – 2/17

So proud of my goodgood podcast-turned-streaming media platform boys. listening :: On Being and the new era of The Splendid Table (soon) ; reading :: Mockingbird: I Can Explain and A Bee in Her Bonnet; eating :: iced coffee and a leftover bagel; making :: empty boxes be not-so empty and marinated chicken (yay, freezerContinue reading “Currently – 2/17”


Today’s the Day – The Unlovables  listening :: a lot of emo music (the theme of this past week) and a variety of comedy podcasts;  reading :: NJLA conference proposals and my junk email account; eating :: iced coffee with coconut milk (I know it is 50° outside); writing :: a library technology class outline and my mostContinue reading “Currently”


A Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World listening :: to the back catalog of My Brother, My Brother and Me and some Too Beautiful to Live; reading :: I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam and finished up the (currently available) trades of The Wicked + the Divine; eating :: a medium StarbucksContinue reading “Currently”


I just love how romantic and upbeat this song is — exactly what one needs at the close. listening :: ^this song on repeat (which happens to be the theme song for the rip-roaringly interesting Beautiful/Anonymous), back episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me. You know, just some real high-brow stuff; watching :: OlympicsContinue reading “Currently”