Lately – 3/9/18

Pale Beneath The Tan (Squeeze ) – The Front Bottoms We were graced with exciting news this week that the Grandma series will actually be a series. I would’ve been perfectly happy with just Rose, but hearing this track and other mastered will be awesome.  listening :: to re-vamped The Splendid Table (which is inspiring myContinue reading “Lately – 3/9/18”

Currently – 2/17

So proud of my goodgood podcast-turned-streaming media platform boys. listening :: On Being and the new era of The Splendid Table (soon) ; reading :: Mockingbird: I Can Explain and A Bee in Her Bonnet; eating :: iced coffee and a leftover bagel; making :: empty boxes be not-so empty and marinated chicken (yay, freezerContinue reading “Currently – 2/17”


Spooky read and a spooky movie listening :: The Splendid Table and old videos of Empire! Empire!; watching :: the heck out of the Corpse Flower cam;  reading :: still Love and Friendship; eating :: cranberry juice and leftover Chinese boneless pork spare ribs; working :: on all things ASF16 and a reader’s advisory presentation;Continue reading “Currently”

Hello, May

(source click through) listening :: A lot of Mastodon in honor of Metal May and The Splendid Table (Which I have fond memories of listening to on my way to into the theatre on Sunday mornings last summer) watching :: Parks and Recreation – WHY DO YOU END THE SEASON LIKE THAT, and the libraryContinue reading “Hello, May”