What I’ve Been Reading – 9/5/2022

Fire Island Is a Surprisingly Faithful Jane Austen Adaptation (Albeit With More Poppers) | Slate A Chef Who Offered Chinese Food in Spanish | The New Yorker Driven | Gabriella Gage Apparently the Brontës all died so early because they spent their lives drinking graveyard water. | Lithub Why the Past 10 Years of AmericanContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 9/5/2022”


At NJLA13, my number prevailed again listening :: Doin’ It Right and the My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast; watching :: Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth reading :: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and The Game of Thrones; wanting :: more green tea and the rain to subside for this weekend’s strawberry festival; working :: finding a new RSS feed reader (HELP),Continue reading “Summertime”