What I Read Last Week:

http://scholarworks.uvm.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1019&context=libfacpub Tempe residents can exchange water for library fines | Arizona Republic Photos: Harrisburg then and now | Keystone Crossroads Social media is outreach | The Outreach Librarian Can the Ikea generation buy into vintage furniture | The Guardian Congressional research belongs to the public | New York Times It’s spawning season: Are horseshoe crabsContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

Stuff I Read This Week:

Following death of woman from Colorado, concerns grow about birth control safety | Colorado Public Radio Yoga Poses in Israel | The New York Times 5 Ways to keep my reading your first chapter | National Novel Writing Month Why Getty going free is such a big deal, explained in Getty images | The AtlanticContinue reading “Stuff I Read This Week:”

Fall Ahead

listening :: WSOU and Smash Mouth September – sometimes; watching :: out for more opportunities and gigs; reading :: Lessons from my Yoga Teacher (about reference work) and a lot of articles 😦 ; wanting :: a Reese’s PB Cup s’more, and a nap; working :: on my final portfolio and embracing school ; writing :: many, many discussions posts (WelcomeContinue reading “Fall Ahead”