Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center

Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center Volunteering with INALJ keeps me consistently looking at job boards and assessing the LIS job market. I also get to do a bit of virtual library tourism when I see a cool job title or library name. I am fascinated by this one. Library AND Environmental Center! WhatContinue reading “Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center”

Blogging with

I started volunteering with, a website devoted for and run by (mostly) library and information science professionals, about a year ago as an assistant to the Greater New York City page editors. My volunteer responsibility were checking a number of NYC-oriented job websites for new postings every week. As I was amidst my ownContinue reading “Blogging with”

Where Did The Summer Go?

listening :: S.S. Librarianship and Slaughterhouse-Five on cassette; watching :: the beginnings of Buffy and Call the Midwife; reading :: about yoga, The Interestings, and The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.; wanting :: tonight!, tacos for lunch!, and back-to-school shoes!; working :: on less job hunting stuff and bracing for the Fall semester which entails a lot of prep workContinue reading “Where Did The Summer Go?”