What I’ve Been Reading – 4/6/2020

How to Think About Time Management in the Age of Coronavirus | Washington Post Cashierless Stores Could Become the New Normal | Retail Brew How ‘Legally Blonde’ Influenced a Generation of Women Lawyers | ABA Journal April 2020 Crystal Cōver Newsletter | Crystal Cove State Park Have a good week!

Incremently Productive Thursday

No, I did not read 20+ books in the last week and write reviews for them. I published them on a previous incarnation of this blog and I did not want them to go to waste. The process was long and tedious, but I am happy with the choice to post them. The process alsoContinue reading “Incremently Productive Thursday”

The reality of a small town

Originally published: August 2, 2011 I could tell something was up with the children’s librarian when we changed guards for the evening shift. (She wasn’t as chatty as she was usually is.) One of our patrons, a teen, almost drowned Monday night. He and his family are avid library patrons. They maybe very local, butContinue reading “The reality of a small town”

Thanks for not being useless

Three years ago, my adviser laughed at me because I told her my career plan was to become a librarian. That reaction fueled a two-year animosity between us. She retired in the fall,  so my new adviser is the chair of the Political Science department. I didn’t have any expectations for him. At this point,Continue reading “Thanks for not being useless”