What I Read Last Week:

http://www.npr.org/2015/05/21/408452759/one-family-revitalizes-a-small-town-with-yes-quilts?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=us What I Read Last Week (And This Week): When DC and Marvel were extreme | Newsarama A world with no meetings?! | ACRLog Latest U.S. Census data: fastest growing cities are in the West and the South | NPR Looking at Appalachia anew | New York Times The GOP is dying off. Literally |Continue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

Birthday Week

listening :: a lot of Metallica and the defunt Jacksons Kid Summer; watching :: Through the Never this weekend and all of the season premiers from this week; reading :: Hawkeye: Little Hits, Peanut, and Fangirl; wanting :: dumplings and fall activities; working :: midterm assignments, getting back into a run schedule, and daytrip planning; writing :: cover letters and outlines;Continue reading “Birthday Week”

“That’s what she said”

(illustrations Lucy Engelman) listening :: Metallica  – Week #3 of Metal May watching :: Many TV show/series finales, not a lot on the movie front reading :: A Game of Thrones – Summer 2013 wanting :: the work day to be over – new phone and friends working :: Nothing! And it feels great. I’llContinue reading ““That’s what she said””