Week 2

listening :: to my Pop Pop, and Mike’s stories from Japan; watching :: video lectures and The Mindy Project season premiere; reading :: Runner’s World and about the Mountain Runners; wanting :: this semester to be over, coffee, and a long vacation; working :: on class work and the library’s zombie apocalypse plan; writing :: projects proposals for class, class instructionContinue reading “Week 2”

“That’s what she said”

(illustrations Lucy Engelman) listening :: Metallica  – Week #3 of Metal May watching :: Many TV show/series finales, not a lot on the movie front reading :: A Game of Thrones – Summer 2013 wanting :: the work day to be over – new phone and friends working :: Nothing! And it feels great. I’llContinue reading ““That’s what she said””

This Week

listening :: Motorcycle Drive By – Dowsing’s cover and the original, as well as Los Campesinos! on the radio watching :: The Office and Parks & Recreation — the former finally hit a good note last night reading :: Amidst final projects, I love reading Dr. Devi’s blog – she doesn’t waste words or try toContinue reading “This Week”