Comic Culture

Full Disclosure: I had very little to do with setting-up this display. The Assistant Director was looking for display case ideas for June and my co-worker suggested comics and graphic novels from the library’s collection.  Comic books and graphic novels at our library are shelved depending on what department they are purchased from. Adult graphicContinue reading “Comic Culture”

French Words of Wisdom

French Words of Wisdom In September I started reviewing books for Library Journal – specifically Home Economics books for the Science & Technology division. The Art of French Pastry by Jacquy Pfeiffer and Martha Rose Shulman will be published in December 2013. An excerpt from my review: Accompanying the recipes are attractive photographs, as well asContinue reading “French Words of Wisdom”

MoCCA 2013

Back in April, I volunteered at MoCCA Arts Fest – an annual festival held by the Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City. It was an interesting experience in terms of attending a graphic arts festival and volunteering. The festival was small, and showcased many homegrown, DIY graphic artistsContinue reading “MoCCA 2013”

Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School

My final project for e-Humanities and Social Science Reference is collection development for graphic novels and graphic arts. This morning I met with the librarian at The Kubert School to see what is like to develop a collection entirely of comics, graphic novels, and figure study books. I also wanted to gain a better understandingContinue reading “Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School”