2015 Eisner Award Nominations

Here’s your annual installment of Eisner Awards Watch. The Eisner Awards are annually awarded to stories, artists, and writers for creative achievement in American comic books. Below are the awards categories and the nominees. Some of the nominees I have read, some I have heard of other and various others I have never heard ofContinue reading “2015 Eisner Award Nominations”

What I Read Last Week:

The World Is… – Invalid Litter Dept. (ATDI Cover) Adventures of a comic book newbie: Talk to me about writing/pencils/ink/colors/letter | Panels Nicholas Hilton breaks course record at Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon | Competitor (LHU alum!) Valerie Jarrett, The Obama Whisperer | New Republic What a library levy means to a West Virgina townContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

2014 Eisner Award Winners!

On the Friday of San Diego Comic Con the winners of the 2014 Eisner Award were announced. I made my predictions back in May of who would win. This is how they stacked up: (Italics – my prediction, Bold – the actual winner) Best Short Story – 1 “Go Owls,” by Adrian Tomine, in OpticContinue reading “2014 Eisner Award Winners!”

Comic Culture

Full Disclosure: I had very little to do with setting-up this display. The Assistant Director was looking for display case ideas for June and my co-worker suggested comics and graphic novels from the library’s collection.  Comic books and graphic novels at our library are shelved depending on what department they are purchased from. Adult graphicContinue reading “Comic Culture”

Humans of New York and Super Graphic

I’ll make this quick, like these books were in a manner of speaking. They are coffee table books in the sense that they do not follow a narrative and intend to engage readers with visual images. I enjoyed both of these books in that sense. Brandon Stanton, the photographer and mastermind of the project, updatesContinue reading “Humans of New York and Super Graphic”

Tuesday Trivia

Ok, Peanut butter and peanut Easter chocolates for the first correct answer. Cassidy won last week and picked the subject of “Comic Books.” So here is goes: What comic book super hero was a novel invention in 1963, considering that it was one of the first times where a comic book hero fought crime thanksContinue reading “Tuesday Trivia”