What I’ve Been Reading – 7/27/2020

A Different Kind of Rebel | The Goat Rope The Perfect Conditions For A Great Idea | Medium The Flexible Work Fallacy | Aeon John Lewis, Towering Figure of Civil Rights Era, Dies at 80 | New York Times My Statement on the Passing of Representative John Lewis | Medium The Political Genius of JohnContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 7/27/2020”

What I’ve Been Reading – 6/8/2020

A Personal Message (about Race in America) | Trevor A. Dawes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reflects on the George Floyd protests | Los Angeles Times Sisterhood is Scarce | Harvard Business Review Women at Work (Podcast) 5 Reasons Why On-Site Communication Will Be Key in a Post-Coronavirus Wold | Hotel News Resource Have a good week!

What I’ve Been Reading – 6/1/2020

Feels Like Home: Reflections on Central Library | Los Angeles Public Library The C.E.O. Who Called Trump Racist (And Sold a Lot of Spice Mix) | The New Yorker Black Sunday: Darkness Falls in the PA Wilds | Pennsylvania Wilds The Work You Do, the Person You Are | The New Yorker Where Do EelsContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 6/1/2020”

What I’m Reading – 10/25

I didn’t know what to wear to my brother’s funeral | Racked Work and the Loneliness Epidemic | Harvard Business Review Dirty John (Series) | Los Angeles Times It’s Tempting to Dump Your Grievances During a Break-up. Don’t Do It. | Washington Post Nancy Meyers’ Favorite Movie Food Scenes Are Inspired by Ina Garten |Continue reading “What I’m Reading – 10/25”

That’s not my name

I know that at someone point I’ve mentioned that we have a patron that loves to sign the Library up for magazine subscriptions with false names. Really random, nonsense names for all sorts of magazines. As a result, we receive multiple issues of Good Housekeeping, Shape, Runner’s World, and the like for “Harry Hogwartson” andContinue reading “That’s not my name”

Tuesday Trivia

Ok, Peanut butter and peanut Easter chocolates for the first correct answer. Cassidy won last week and picked the subject of “Comic Books.” So here is goes: What comic book super hero was a novel invention in 1963, considering that it was one of the first times where a comic book hero fought crime thanksContinue reading “Tuesday Trivia”

Prodigal Daughter’s Return

On my (beautiful) drive into work this morning, I wondered what summer will be like in New Jersey. I haven’t spent a summer in New Jersey since 2010. Back then, I was working at my old library and I just purchased my car. Ally was around. I wasn’t weighed down by the responsibilites of workContinue reading “Prodigal Daughter’s Return”

Take me home [tonight]

CC: Supervisor…have you ever put something on hold, forgotten about it, and then been really confused when it arrived? S: What did you get? CC: “Take Me Home Tonight”..I mean, I like that song, but I can’t stand Topher Grace or Anna Faris. Maybe I should accept this ILL destiny. Later… CC: OH I meantContinue reading “Take me home [tonight]”