Hello, May

(source click through) listening :: A lot of Mastodon in honor of Metal May and The Splendid Table (Which I have fond memories of listening to on my way to into the theatre on Sunday mornings last summer) watching :: Parks and Recreation – WHY DO YOU END THE SEASON LIKE THAT, and the libraryContinue reading “Hello, May”

This Week

listening :: Motorcycle Drive By – Dowsing’s cover and the original, as well as Los Campesinos! on the radio watching :: The Office and Parks & Recreation — the former finally hit a good note last night reading :: Amidst final projects, I love reading Dr. Devi’s blog – she doesn’t waste words or try toContinue reading “This Week”


listening :: to the endless stream of news reports watching :: Dirty Girl and soon the weird, grey-sunny swirl of the sky on my drive down to NB reading :: only journal articles and my final paper rough drafts as this semester winds down wanting :: tonight’s Career Fair to be over, among other things…Continue reading “Expectantly”

Tuesday Trivia

Ok, Peanut butter and peanut Easter chocolates for the first correct answer. Cassidy won last week and picked the subject of “Comic Books.” So here is goes: What comic book super hero was a novel invention in 1963, considering that it was one of the first times where a comic book hero fought crime thanksContinue reading “Tuesday Trivia”

Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School

My final project for e-Humanities and Social Science Reference is collection development for graphic novels and graphic arts. This morning I met with the librarian at The Kubert School to see what is like to develop a collection entirely of comics, graphic novels, and figure study books. I also wanted to gain a better understandingContinue reading “Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School”

It’s Friday

I made my first music purchase suggestion at work (River City Extension) and the Reference Head was told by a patron that I was “very helpful”. We finally removed the circle of comfy chairs at the library that was in the blindspot of the desk. This is mordidly fascinating, and my co-worker has a bagContinue reading “It’s Friday”

Prodigal Daughter’s Return

On my (beautiful) drive into work this morning, I wondered what summer will be like in New Jersey. I haven’t spent a summer in New Jersey since 2010. Back then, I was working at my old library and I just purchased my car. Ally was around. I wasn’t weighed down by the responsibilites of workContinue reading “Prodigal Daughter’s Return”

Take me home [tonight]

CC: Supervisor…have you ever put something on hold, forgotten about it, and then been really confused when it arrived? S: What did you get? CC: “Take Me Home Tonight”..I mean, I like that song, but I can’t stand Topher Grace or Anna Faris. Maybe I should accept this ILL destiny. Later… CC: OH I meantContinue reading “Take me home [tonight]”